Portrait of Ellie Shultz on one of her verdant adventures | nature | sustainable secondhand fashion

My name is Ellie, and I created Verdant Adventures so I could help you navigate the world with a conscious compass.

The purpose of Verdant Adventures is to provide you with comprehensive nature guides so that you can enjoy everything the natural world has to offer while making responsible choices along the way.

Our Mission

Here at Verdant Adventures, we are intersectional and believe in covering not only environmental but also social, economic, political, educational, health, and individual aspects that arise on conversations about sustainability. Nature and sustainability affect everyone, and therefore, we aim to be inclusive in the resources we provide and discussions that follow.

As we create our nature guides, we seek to include as much information about accessibility as possible. Please reach out if there is anything we can do on this site to make it a more inclusive and welcoming space!

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    My Background

    I started my first blog in 2011 when I moved from my home state of Ohio to study abroad at the University of Birmingham in England. Over the years, I added a few other websites to my repertoire, documenting not only my travels, but my many years as a teacher and administrator, my studies in environmentalism and progress in becoming zero waste, my social rights activism, and most recently my poorly-timed vacation portrait photography business (which started to take off right before travel shut down in 2020).

    The events of 2020 provided a chance for me to reflect and consolidate my past and pending projects into the concept that became Verdant Adventures.

    I’ve spent years learning many different ways, big and small, that I can be mindful of the footprint that I leave on this planet. From simple swaps to behavior and mindset changes, I’ve managed to simplify my life without sacrificing the things that make my time on this beautiful green planet enjoyable.

    All of this is motivated by the connection that I have with nature. I love getting outdoors and observing the natural world in action!

    Now my aim is to pass on what I’ve learned (and am still learning!) so that you have the opportunity to start your own verdant adventure.

    Beyond my dedication to sustainability, I am a photographer and artist, traveler and storyteller, teacher and lifelong learner, researcher and writer, Star Wars nerd and musical theater addict, plant-based chef and upcycling seamstress, nature lover and entrepreneur.

    Although sustainability infuses everything that I do, I believe in building a world where sustainability is the default and doesn’t have to be a niche or a hobby but rather something that governments require, businesses abide by, and individuals are mindful of. I hope you will join me in working toward that goal!

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