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Although there is no doubt that some of the best ways to push for a sustainable future involve large-scale change at the government or corporate level, our individual choices are important and can be impactful.

If you want to evaluate your individual choices and figure out the best way for you to help the planet, then this customizable sustainability consulting session is for you!

Looking for sustainability consulting as a traveler, small business owner, educator, or individual?

I have specific pages for each of those topics!

My own sustainability background

I have been obsessively recycling since my school started their recycling program when I was 8. And I do mean obsessively–I would hoard our recyclables at home and then sneak them to the school recycling bin!

For many years, that is as far as my actions went. But eventually, I learned about the environmental impact of agriculture in high school, and I started to phase animal products out of my diet and lifestyle.

Although it was my lifelong dream to travel outside of the Ohio cornfield I grew up in, I started to dig into how to make my adventures more sustainable when I studied abroad.

Baby monkey in Bali

My sustainability activism truly began in college, when I started taking sustainability classes and got involved in various sustainability groups. That was before the zero-waste movement was a thing, but I was already trying to make some sustainable changes in my life on top of the activism.

Soon after that, I started to learn about the idea of people producing so little trash that they could fit it all into a tiny glass jar.

While I continue to insist that the zero-waste notion of a trash jar isn’t feasible for most people (or impactful on the overall environment), I did recognize at the time that there were a lot of things I could do so that I can leave a smaller impact on the planet.

Although most of my family and friends are not quite as eco-minded as me, I lead by example and have been thrilled to see that many of them have started to incorporate some sustainable practices in their lives.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

How can I help you?

The way that I run these sessions is to provide you with a questionnaire after your initial email.

Your answers will help me determine some of the guidance that I provide to you during our call.

I understand that everyone’s sustainability journey is different, and what works for me might not work for you, which is why I will make sure that we play to your strengths and talents in developing your sustainability goals.

On our call, we can work together on creating a feasible sustainability action plan that is tailored specifically to you!

Book a sustainability consulting session

The session structure is as follows:

  1. Send me an email with a quick summary of what you’d like my input and guidance on.
  2. Within 1-3 days, I’ll reply with my upcoming availability*, and we can schedule a voice or video call. I like to schedule a week in advance so that I have adequate time to ask you follow-up questions and do any research that is needed to best help you.
  3. The call will last 20-40 minutes. I’ll provide guidance and give you plenty of time to ask any additional questions.
  4. A day or two later, you will receive an email with a summary of what we covered, resources I said I would provide, and any other applicable information. I will also address any of your questions that I may have been unable to answer during our call.
  5. If you would like clarification on anything after you receive the session summary, I am happy to provide a free 10 minute follow-up call within the following month.
  6. You will receive a 10% discount if you choose to book any future consulting sessions.
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*I do not book sessions more than one month in advance. Typical availability is weekdays between 9:30-11:30 am Eastern US time (GMT-5), but I can usually be flexible with enough advance notice. If you need a time slot outside that window, please include your best times in your first email to me, and I’ll let you know what days I can accommodate your request!

Current pricing is $50 per 20-40 minute session with an optional 10 minute follow-up call. Fee must be paid via Paypal prior to the session.

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