While my talents are varied, you can typically find me at the intersection of art, science, technology, and education with a heavy focus on nature and sustainability.

Digital art

My part-time profession is portraiture, but I enjoy many forms of photography, design, and digital art (including photo manipulation).

See my work and learn about commissioning me here!


Consulting and trip planning

I am now offering consulting sessions to share my sustainability expertise.

My experience is in developing sustainable practices for small business owners, guiding teachers to incorporate sustainability in their classrooms, planning sustainable travel itineraries, and encouraging individuals to participate in the world more sustainably.

However, feel free to contact me with other topics, and I can let you know if I can help you or point you in the direction to somebody who can!

Sustainable small business

I’ve started 2 businesses, and running them as sustainably as possible was one of my top priorities.

Let’s level up your business today!

Sustainable teaching and education

My experience as an educator spans across all age groups, multiple countries, and a whole handful of subject areas from TEFL and English language and literature to history, art, and science. I have always pushed for incorporating sustainability into my classroom expectations as well as the lesson content.

Learn more about how I can help you become a sustainable educator!

Sustainable lifestyle

If you want to evaluate your individual choices and figure out the best way for you to help the planet, then you are welcome to book a session. We can also use this session to plan a more sustainable travel itinerary for you!

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Just fancy a chat with me about sustainability or want to pick my brain on any of the experiences I’ve had or skills I’ve acquired?

You can book a call with me too!

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