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As an educator and ecologist, I was looking for a way to do more nature outreach. This led to me starting the Science Storytime project, where I go into local businesses, libraries, and nature centers to read a nature-themed book.

The idea is that the organization can choose a time that is usually less busy to host my storytime, which will bring more customers or visitors there. Although the event will be free to attend, there will be a registration process to make sure there aren’t too many attendees, as these storytime lessons will work best with 10-15 children at most.


Currently, I am only offering one Science Storytime lesson, but I plan to add more in the coming months. Read on for the format of this lesson!

Evelyn the Adventurous Entomologist book cover

Evelyn the Adventurous Entomologist by Christine Evans

Ages: 5-10 years old

10 min

  • Introduce myself, the bug net quiet signal, and the book title.
  • What is an entomologist? Talk about other “ologists” (zoologist, oceanologist)
  • Define entomologist.
  • Ask children to look around and point to a bug they see.
  • Ask children what their favorite bug is.
  • Briefly discuss my work studying the blue calamintha bee.

15 min

  • Read the book.

10 min

  • Show children some bugs from my collection. Let them use a magnifying glass to look more closely. 
  • Send kids home with an activity sheet.
Ellie sitting on a bench, reading a book

2023 Pricing

  • First storytime: free
  • Future storytimes: $50
  • Registration, if the organization does not want to be in charge of registering attendees, can be done digitally via my Eventbrite page. I will share the link and a QR code with the organization to use in announcing the event: $25
  • A reel about the storytime on my instagram mentioning the organization (currently at 1150 followers)—I will share it on my page, optionally with the organization’s account listed as a collaborator: $30
  • Add organization’s logo on the take-home activity sheet: $20 
  • Travel fee applicable if outside a 30-mile radius of Little Lake Bryan in Orlando.