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I was in a vastly different place when I first started Verdant Adventures, both mentally and physically. However, my excitement for this platform has not changed.

It’s taken me a while to devote attention back to this site as I’ve regrouped—moving to a different continent, reestablishing my photography business, and dealing with the realities of current events have all kept me busy.

While my priorities have shifted a little bit this year, sustainability and nature are still at the heart of my decision-making, and they are still the focus of what I want to share on this website.

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Last year, being locked down in South Africa, the best way I knew how to do that was to research sustainability topics and start to create semi-academic blog posts, mixed in with zero-waste and low-impact lifestyle content (which would have included a food/recipe component). I also eventually wanted to get back to traveling and write comprehensive nature-focused guides to various destinations.

Now, I simply don’t have the time or mental bandwidth to stay as in-the-loop with every single sustainability topic, and the way I am addressing these issues has changed. I’ve stayed up to date with some of the big picture sustainability topics, but I’ve really dug in and taken action on the issues that most affect me here in Florida.

On top of my activism, I am spending a lot of time in nature, learning even more about the flora, fauna, habitats, and even the natural and cultural history of various locations here in my home state of Florida.

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This has caused me to be less concerned about traveling overseas and instead makes me want to dive deeper into learning about and preserving the beautiful nature that is available in my own (figurative) backyard.

So moving forward, here is the type of content I would like to create on Verdant Adventures:

1. Education and Activism

One article I have been working on is about red tide, which affects Florida and other places around the world. I’ll be breaking down what it is, why it’s an issue, and how we can help. This will likely be the format that I’ll use on Verdant Adventures to occasionally address other environmental issues.

There may also be posts that are less of an article format and more of a blog post, where I document my experience with action items. An upcoming example might be my involvement in the Women’s March on October 2.

2. Lifestyle pieces

These days, I am much less concerned about individual lifestyle changes than I am about big systemic changes. However, it’s something that I might occasionally address, as I am still doing what I can to live a low-impact lifestyle.

For example, I am currently working on acquiring gear to be able to live the outdoorsy life of my dreams, so you might see an article to the effect of “How to consciously shop for hiking gear.” 

Individual action can be important, and you will see it woven into some of my other content too, but it isn’t the main focus for Verdant Adventures.

Arch at the entrance to a palm tree grove

3. Nature Guides

This is something I’m really excited about, as my relationship with the natural world has gotten much stronger this year. The reality is that I would love to spend all my time in nature and not spend a single moment thinking about sustainability, BUT the sustainability element is needed in order to keep nature enjoyable, and that’s why I do fight so hard for sustainability.

I think Verdant Adventures is a great platform to share comprehensive guides about specific locations such as nature preserves, state parks, and more. 

I’m especially excited to put the spotlight on some of the lesser known spots here in Florida. Eventually, I would like to expand my coverage to the midwest when I return there on my summer visits as well as other locations around the US. 

These nature guides will include information on visiting (including notes on accessibility), natural and cultural history of the habitat, lists of what flora and fauna can be observed, and information about visiting sustainably. 

4. Travel Guides

There’s a little overlap between this category and the last, but the main difference is the scope of these pieces. While the nature guides will focus on individual locations, the travel guides will be broader. 

Some guides will be applicable to any travel, regardless of location. Think: “10 Ways to Make Your Next Trip More Sustainable” or “5 Outdoor Activities to Consider on Your Next Trip.”

When it comes to location-specific content, I’d really love to write articles along the lines of “The Nature Lover’s Guide to [insert city or region here]” or “5 Day Trips from [insert city here] for the Nature Lover.” 

And I might include some blog-style posts to recap some of my own trips.

While travel can be unsustainable, I think that spending time in a new destination’s nature, learning about its beauty and also its struggles, can play a part in offsetting a traveler’s negative impacts by encouraging them to be more mindful of sustainability issues at home and abroad. I would like for Verdant Adventures to be part of that encouragement.

The Bottom Line for Verdant Adventures

Of course, there’s always a chance that I create content that doesn’t fit neatly into the above categories, but my primary goal is always to make sustainability, activism, and nature accessible to as many people as possible.

I want Verdant Adventures to be a resource for people who are interested in experiencing nature and travel, who are looking to do so responsibly. The verdant adventures that this site refers to are not just nature-related travels, but also personal journeys to become our best selves as we rediscover the importance of the earth.

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